Vines on Screen

Installation, Museum of Temporary Art, 2013.

Vines Day 1

 Vines on Screen, First Day


Vines on Screen

Twenty Days, Twenty Pictures.

Vines on Screen

All summer ivy had been creeping up the side of the museum, till it reached the third floor window. When the young tendrils first appeared on the screen, they were beautiful, delicate and fresh. As they grew and spread, there was some discussion, as to whether they should go or stay. Lovely as they were, when seen from behind with the light coming through, they did obscure the view of the river.  But, in that insidious way that vines have, they won out in the end and stayed…. Until the day came when the screen had to come off to make way for the storm window.  Even then, they were too lovely throw away, so I hung the screen on the wall. These pictures have been taken over 20 days, as the leaves withered.  My idea was to take a picture a day, but changes were not as dramatic as I expected, so I added things to the wall to make it more interesting.



Vines Day 20

Vines on Screen, Last Day





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