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Museum of Temporary Art: A virtual tour.

By Michael Poulton

A rotating sequence of 60 still images, repeating one every 30 seconds for 30 minutes. The images are all based on the Museum of Temporary Art, a museum created by artist, Michael Poulton, as an immersive environment. The theme of this proposal is the transitory nature of the world.

As the video does not have any interactive components its installation is quite simple and requires only a media player with looping capabilities. There is no audio as it is important to re-create the quiet and contemplative space of the museum. The work is existing but could be adjusted to suit the technical specs of the projector and other equipment. I have the resources to complete the project. I’m on the board of Artspace, the artist-run-centre in Peterborough and I have a complete media lab and advice at my disposal if necessary. This project has not been exhibited before in this form.


Twenty images to follow, artist’s resumé at the end.

Artwork photography by Priam Thomas. Background photography by Sharon Doucette.

About the Museum:

Created by multidisciplinary artist Michael Poulton, the Museum of Temporary Art (MTA), uses the model of a museum as an immersive installation. Founded in 1986, it is located in the rural hamlet of Victoria Road, Ontario. It is housed in a beautiful Victorian general store, one of only five in Canada in its untouched original state and featured in General Stores of Canada, by R.B. Fleming.

The museum’s collection blurs the line between art and non-art. It consists of the artists own artworks, paintings, collage, mixed media, and assemblages, interspersed among a staggering variety of objects and artifacts. Objects are displayed in cases, vitrines, and specimen jars. Classification follows an aesthetic or poetic logic.

The component parts of the assemblages, which include mock antique technologies, are stacked and left unsecured, so they can be reformed, reorganized or replaced. The museum is in continual flux. Individual works can all be seen as props in a greater whole, a theatre mysterium in the tradition of Belgian conceptual artist, Marcel Broodthaers. 

Through Latin mottos, publications, and meticulous catalogues, the MTA is presented as if it were a serious, long-established cultural institution, questioning the role institutions play in establishing the meaning and value of cultural objects. The MTA has hosted benefit concerts, authors’ readings, and cultural events.

The museum is set on the banks of Grass Creek and the artist had made the most of this with a trompe l’oeil painting on the bridge, complete with a Latin motto, Inept Arcadia Ego. On the surface of the river is his installation Floating Stones. The river is also used for other temporary works of public art which have included Number 5 and Vault Door.

This UrbanScreen proposal is not intended in any way as advertising for the museum. Due to the MTA’s out-of-the-way location, and conceptual nature, it has always been the artist’s intention to represent the Museum of Temporary Art in as many forms as possible. This video projection is just one other way of engaging with the public.

Satellite installations of the MTA have been mounted in a number of other galleries, including Hoop Gallery, Hamilton; Gallery Arcturus, the lobby of the Gladstone Hotel, and Jet Fuel, Toronto. In 2015, the MTA was the focus of a collaboration by the Art Gallery of Peterborough and Trent University’s Cultural Studies Department.

Images to be used include:

1. Primarily artwork in the museum’s collection by the artist

: paintings, assemblages, collages, mixed media

2. Items from the museum’s collection: Found art, cultural objects and artifacts, carvings, tacky souvenirs.

3. Interior shots; views of space from different angles; views of different vitrines and display cases;

close views of details and displays.

4. Exterior images of the museum and various art installations on the museum grounds.

Artist’s Resumé

MICHAEL POULTON  1821 Victoria Road, Kirkfield, Ont. Canada, K0M 2B0,   705 438 3032,


Multi-disciplinary visual artist

Site-specific Installations, Projections, Assemblages, Painting, Mixed-media, Collage, Architectural Glass.

Founder / Curator of the Museum of Temporary Art

Founded in 1986, the Museum of Temporary Art is a fusion of museum, contemporary art institution and conceptual art piece.  The MTA has also held twenty benefit concerts and authors readings.  Off-site installations of the MTA have been held in a number of public galleries and other locations.


Summary, Past Professional Activities

•  21 solo exhibitions and 100+ group exhibitions.
•  21 national and international awards.
•  Founder and curator of the Museum of Temporary Art, 1986 – present.
•  Board, Artspace, artist run centre, Peterborough, 2003 – present.
•  Past chair of the Board, Artspace, 2002-2008.

•  Founding board member, Kawartha Lakes Arts Council, 2014
•  Ontario Arts Council, mid-career Arts Grants, 2015 & 2003.
•  Canada Council for the Arts, mid-career Arts Grant, 2001.
•  Member of Ontario Government Trade Mission to New York, 2000
•  Juror for the Ontario Arts Council  Design Arts Awards. 1991
•  One time advisor on granting procedure to the Ontario Arts Council.
•  Art contributor: The Sciences, Journal of the New York Academy of Science, the New Yorker Online, and various other publications.
•  Collaborator on architectural glass projects in Canada and the U.K.
•  Teacher of drawing and painting.
•  Graphic design for books, catalogues, etc. related to solely the arts.
•  Runner up in the Seal Books First Novel Award.
•  Building supervisor, Alamata Women’s Craft Centre, Ethiopia.
•  Photo journalist, Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories.
•  Extensive travel and work abroad.



1968-72: Camberwell College of Art, London, England.  Diploma in Art and Design,  (B.A. London University).

Special Commendation in Art History. President of the Students Union, (1970-71).
Winner of the Carlsberg Prize, in national competition (UK)

1967-68: Epsom and Ewell School of Art, Epsom, Surrey, England. Foundation year


Selected Awards

The New Yorker Creativity Contest, New Yorker Online, 2012

Ontario Arts Council Grants (mid-career), 2015 & 2003

Canada Council for the Arts, Grant (mid-career), 2001

Niche Award, Art & Print Expo, Philadelphia. PA, 2000

Most Innovative Award, Uniquely Ontario, National Trade Centre, Toronto, 1999

Toronto Indoor Art Show, Mixed Media Award, 1999

10 Ontario Association of Art Galleries Design Awards, 1978-83

Aviva Graphics Prize, 1978.

Art Gallery of Brant, Purchase Award, Graphex IV, 1979

Central and Northern Gas Award, On View, TD Centre, Toronto, 1978

Ontario Arts Council, Editions Award, Graphex IV, 1978

Carlsberg Award, UK.,1972



No Show Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

Upsala University, Stockholm, Sweden

Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alb.

Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford, Ont.

The Nickel Arts Museum, Calgary, Alb.

Kawartha Lakes Art Gallery, Lindsay, Ont.

Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, Ont.

East Africa Wildlife Society, Nairobi. Kenya


Solo Exhibitions

2015:  The Togetherness of Things, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Ont. Curated by Jarret Prescott, Cultural Studies, Trent University. (Pop-up)•  2013: Thought: The Southern Part, Jet Fuel, Toronto, Ont.  •  2009: First Principles, Orbs & Arrows, Gallery Arcturus, Toronto, Ont.  • 2006: World of Wonders, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay, Ont. • 2001: Diamonds in the Rough, Kathleen McKay Gormley Art Centre, Unionville, Ont. • 2000: What’s in a Word, The Narrative Art of Michael Poulton. Millbrook Gallery, Millbrook, Ont. • Reason & Passion, Kathleen McKay Gormley Art Centre, Unionville, Ont. • 1999: New Works in Copper, Bird Mill Gallery, Bracebridge, Ont. • Human Sexual Response: and Other Abstract Ideas, C.D. Howe  Institute, Toronto, Ont. • 1998: Annex Art Centre, Toronto, Ont. • Russell Gallery, Peterborough, Ont. • 1995: Twenty-four Collages, Museum of Temporary Art, Victoria Road, Ont. • 1994: New Works, Lindsay Gallery,  Lindsay, Ont. • 1993: Words & Images, Kent Farnsdale Gallery, Port Perry, Ont. • I Still Remember the Delicate Touch of Buoyant Air Under Out-stretched Wings, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay, Ont. • 1992: New Works on Copper, Russell Gallery, Lindsay, Ont. • 1990: New Works, Museum of Temporary Art, Victoria Road,  Ont.  • 1989: Unrealism V, Maria Sur Gallery, Toronto, Ont. • Exotic Terrain, Bancroft Art Gallery, Bancroft, Ont.  • 1981: A Minor Retrospective, Ethel Flavelle Gallery, Lindsay, Ont.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016: Pieces of String Too Small to Save. Revival, Hoop Gallery, Hamilton.2015:  Installation of the Museum of Temporary Art, for the lobby, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.  Part of CUTMR exhibition. Writing on the Street, Peterborough Artsweek event 2014:  Two installations; Unfinished Business, (Sound art installation) and Remembering Brion Wagner, Erring on the Mount, Peterborough, Ont.  • Things a little Crazy Around Here, (two person show), Jet Fuel, Toronto. • Life & Limb. Orillia Museum and Art Gallery, Orillia, Ont. • Rethinking Art, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay, Ont.2013: Evolutions: The Biennial Permanent Collection Exhibit, Lindsay Art Gallery, Lindsay, Ont. • 2012: Trianniel Exhibition,  Art Gallery of Peterborough, Ont. • Future Tense, Artspace, Peterborough, Ont. (six person show) 2011: Works from the Permanent Collection, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay, Ont.  • Installation of the Museum of Temporary Art, Peterborough Artsweek, Peterborough, Ont. 2010: Grand Trunk Show, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ont.



The Egypt Centre Windows, 1998. Swansea University, Wales. Three sandblasted glass windows. With Amber Hiscott.
All that Glitters, 1990. 40m x 3m. Reverse painted glass mural, acrylics, oils, gold leaf. Scotia Plaza Building, Toronto, Ont. With Sarah Hall,
Bartlett’s Pear, 1975. Open Studio Edition, Toronto, Ont.


Curated exhibitions: other than the Museum of Temporary Art

2014:  Rethinking Art, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay, Ont. Curated with Chuck Burns & RoseMarie Condon.

2013: The Art of the Matchbox Label, Jet Fuel, Toronto, Ont.

2012: The Chair. Installation by Priam Thomas, Museum of Temporary Art, Victoria  Road.

2007: Life & Times: Madame Daphne Jane Rogers Molson. Artspace, Peterborough, ON.



Ontario College of Art and Design University, guest lecturer (2) on Colour and Light. 2015
Nipissing University, Life Drawing, Third Year. 1998-99

Georgian College, Orillia, Drawing & Painting 1992-96

Fleming College, Lindsay.  Drawing & Painting , 1980-87

Sheridan College, Oakville. Drawing & Painting, 1978-80

Various workshops.



Life Drawing: a Metaphor, The Artspaper, Journal of the Arts Education Council of Ontario, Fall 1999
Morningside Papers, ed. P. Gzowski, C.B.C. Publishing, Pgs. 238-339 and 244-245, 1990

The Dog Rib Handgame, North/Nord Magazine,  Vol XX, No. 6, Pgs 30-33, 1973
Wetaltok and His Box With the Many Insides,  with six drypoint engravings, Camberwell Press, London, 1972


Web Sites


Video Temporary, the Trailer Temporary, Full Film

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